November, 2006

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November 28, 2006

Well today I finished up my site to about the level it was before with two layers deep. I sure hope this all works on the Linux server otherwise I just wasted a lot of time. It should, I’ve tested txt2tags before. Today I spent some time working on Gamblore’s motors, but the joystick I was using to control it was pretty messed up. So Daniel is going to get another joystick to test with and I’ll resume experimentation tomorrow. Other than that, not much except the normal “end of the semester madness.” Lots of exams coming up, but I’m not too worried. I’m more worried about all my grad and fellowship apps that I’m trying to get done.

November 23rd, 2006

It seems I only get to do updates to my site now-a-days on holidays. Speaking of which, I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving! We ate lots of chocolate chip cookies. My Mom, who is allergic to wheat, even made a separate batch out of rice flour. We also made a few cookies with only butterscotch chips for my Dad and Grandpa, who get migraines from chocolate. This Thanksgiving, I am quite thankful that I am not allergic to either chocolate or flour: bring on the cookies!

Is it just me, or do other people really dislike some aspects of PHP? The whole “if you mistype a variable, the compiler doesn’t tell you” is pretty annoying. Sure, it’s fine if PHP allows me to set a variable on the fly, but not when I’m getting it! It’s always going to be blank. Oh well, go figure… On the plus side, I re-did my website again to incorporate txt2tags. As a side note, I should really count up the number of times I’ve started this website from scratch. Maybe that’s why nothing ever gets accomplished. Anyhow, txt2tags is a pretty nifty program, although really slow because it’s written in Python. I’m also going Web 2.0 with AJAX. OK, so not really, but I’m using two IFRAMEs so I can dynamically write stuff to the server and load it back into a new IFRAME. The poor man’s way to do AJAX.