I work on a lot of side projects that don’t necessarily relate to my research or job. Some of them are one-day quickies for which I might add a blog post about. However, sometimes they are bigger projects that deserve their own page. Here I offer you a glimpse into some of the projects I have worked on in the past.

  • Facebook Face Recognition: My research on face recognition applied to Facebook. Read papers, ponder approach, download code.
  • Minishowcase Mod: My modifications to the slick photo gallery software Minishowcase, including support for videos, sub-directories, and Picasa comments via the IPTC field in JPEGs.
  • Helicopter Visualization: During my Adaptive Control & Reinforcement Learning course at CMU, one of our assignments was to develop control systems for a simulated helicopter, which lead to us building a full 6 DOF visualization system for the helicopter.
  • Compiler Tutorial: When learning C++, assembly language, and BASIC in high school, I figured I’d tie everything together by writing a BASIC -> assembly language compiler in C++. During my four years of high-school, I documented the process by writing a tutorial on building compilers.