October, 2002

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Oct 25, 2002

KoolB Version 11 Released! Yes, I agree that the best part of the development cycle is the release – and that time has come again. So what’s so exciting about this version?

New features in KoolB:

  • Boolean expressions (And, Or, Not)
  • Releation operators (=, <>, <, >, <=, >=)
  • If statements with ElseIf as well
  • While statements
  • End statement to terminate program

Interested? Download it and check out the Who Are You sample program in the Examples folder.

Oct 23, 2002

KoolB Pages are up now! All the KoolB pages are up and running right now. That means you can now find out more about KoolB. And yes, the download links work too. Although they are not complete, they represent most of the KoolB content.

Oct 4, 2002

A picture is worth a 1000 navigation methods! Thanks for all the ‘easter-egg’ & ‘green has to go’ comments that helped me decide how to improve the site. I improved the navigation with some mouse-over button images. I also added an official logo for the site. Is this an improvement?

I also added a counter to the site last Saturday – and in less than a week, I have gotten 100 hits! Most of it is probably spam bots searching for my e-mail address, but it is still encouraging. If anybody is actually looking at this, this site is under construction and is not complete by a long shot, so don’t expect all (or any!) of the links to work.