December, 2002

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Dec. 11, 2002

KoolB Version 12 for Linux Released! Thanks to Ryan and his persistent requests for the Linux version, I’m now releasing a Linux version. The Linux version has the same features as the Windows versions.

Limitations in the Linux KoolB (in addition to the Window’s limitations):

  • Strange results with storing/retrieving numbers in UDTs
  • Sleep will only sleep for whole seconds, like 1 or 2, not .5 (1/2)

Interested? Download it and check out the sample program in the Examples folder. They are the exact same ones as the Windows version, so you can compare how the two versions work.

Dec. 7, 2002

KoolB Version 12 Released! Yippee! Yet another release – this time its version 12 (like duh, what else comes after 11?). The latest in this release is:

New features in KoolB:

  • Can create subs & functions that take any number of parameters
  • Can call them anywhere in the program (even recursively)
  • Can use function in expressions
  • Can return a value by storing it in Result
  • KoolB can now (with some modifications that come with $AppType DLL), create DLLs with those subs & functions you’ve created

Limitations in KoolB:

  • You can only pass parameters by value, not by reference
  • You can only pass simple data types by reference – do not try to pass UDTs or arrays
  • You cannot create arrays or UDTs inside functions
  • Subs & Functions without any parameters must still use parenthesis (like C)

Interested? Download it and check out the Functions/funcs.bas program in the Examples folder.