November, 2003

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Nov 21, 2003

Finished my Ukraine Agriculture paper & gave the presentation. Glad to have that finished!

Nov 18, 2003

Whew! I got a last minute plea to give a presentation on “Exploring Your Future” to a bunch of middle schoolers. I had basically a day to write a 30 minute PowerPoint presentation describing how to prepare to be an engineering student. It went reasonably well, actually. Now I’m exahusted…bed…zzzzz.

Nov 16, 2003

Today I received a lovely letter from somebody who will remain anonymous that told me how great my Resources section is. Of course, at the time Resources was a blank page. However, the someobdy who will remain anonymous got his/her wish and there are some web development resources up now.

Nov 12, 2003

Today I completely bombed my Calc I test. I am NOT looking forward to getting the grade on that!

Nov 11, 2003

Arg! I dislike long, drawn out math problems. I spent 2.5 hours solving a grand total of 3 problems. I hope I can do better than that tomorrow on the test!

Nov 10, 2003

At the suggestion of Jared, I made the navigation menu a little shorter to accomodate visitors with small screens. Let me know if you like/dislike it.

Nov 7, 2003

I finally broke down and got a hair-cut. It feels much better – now I can go for another couple of months.

Nov 1, 2003

My family came to town and we went to see Luther in theaters. Surprisingly, it was quite good! I would recommend it to most anybody. It does an excellent job of showing how the Protestand Reformation sparked off not only religous freedom, but the beginning of modern history.