February, 2004

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February 26, 2004

What a hectic week. Hours spent reading a new semiconductors book because I didn’t understand the textbook. 17 hour homework assignments. Meetings. Informal sushi dinner with coworkers. Massive studying for exams. Multiple hard dynamics problems. Work. Robotics programming. Failing exams. Sleep………

February 20, 2004

Wow, last weekend my parents came up to Orlando since my Dad had to fly to Washington for a business meeting. So we got together and they brought me a blender (mainly because I had asked if they had an extra one). I had this image of me making some smoothies every now and then. Boy was I wrong. I immediately tried out two smoothies, one with 4 whole oranges and ice and sugar and another with grapes, plums, juice and ice. Yikes they were bad. Then Ian my roomate went out and bought some stuff to make a fruit smoothie. That actually turned out pretty good. Later another roomate went out and bought some stuff to make an ice cream shake. That turned out nearly excellent. I bought more stuff too and before you know it, a week later and we’ve been making smoothies almost everyday. A week later we’ve pretty much perfected it and are branching out to freezes, malts, and floats. Our latest was an orange sherbet with vanilla and sprite. Wow, yummy. All this means the blender has unleashed a smoothie craze. Our other roomate kids us about it and tells us he is waiting for the day when he wakes up to see all 3 of us around the dining room table with cups littered everywhere, all of us with bloodshot eyes and tics, muttering “must turn on blender. must make smoothie. must make smoothie” The sad thing is he isn’t far from the truth. And while he does like some of our smoothies, he claims to have a nica-smoothie patch to help prevent him from becoming addicted. Well, it’s been … <checks time> … an hour since my last smoothie and I’m feeling the cravings come on, gotta go now!

February 14, 2004

I’ve been debating whether or not to upgrade my TI-86 calculator to a TI-89, which is nearly the top of the line as calculators go. It litterally does just about everything, including symbolic factoring, integration, and all sorts of cool stuff. Unfortunately, it has a $150 price tag. I finally decided I was going to buy it with a $10 BestBuy gift card (well, and my credit card to cover the rest ;-), so I went down to best buy and it was $147.99. But then I saw a package that had been opened, so it was marked down to $127.99. That pretty much swayed me – so I took it up to the register and they knocked another $18 bucks off of it! So I got it for $109 – totally awesome! Now I just have to figure out how to use it.