March, 2004

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March 31, 2004

Hurrah! I got an 85% on my physics test! I really didn’t deserve it since I totatally bombed two questions (like ALL the numbers are wrong). I’m now committed on Sundays to UCF Robotics, so I’m afraid KoolB is sort of on hold until final exams are over.

March 26, 2004

Today I was able to really optimize and restructure a lot of code for the UCF Robotics BlackKnight robot. In fact, I was able to up the frames per second from 1.5 to almost 10! And that’s for all 4 cameras – pretty good, I think.

March 25, 2004

Yep, after 9, almost 10 straight of doing physics homework, I finally got all 8 (yes, eight) problems! Whoopee! OK, so I’m not quite that excited about it. I had hoped to do some more programming tonight, but I guess it’s time to turn in. Anyhow, you can get a copy of my physics work here on my Physics I page. Me go bed now…zzzz

Mar 23, 2004

So much for Linux port of Simply KoolB this weekend! After trying get my laptop touchpad mouse configured (I normally use a plug-in USB mouse) with Mandrake 9.2, I managed to break all my mice. So I decided to install Lindows to see if that would be any better. Well, yes, it supported both mice – but it installed a 1 GB swap file and ran out of room, damaged its own superblock, and wouldn’t boot right. And of course, it installed lilo over my existing bootmanager (XOSL), so I spent quite some time recovering from that. Finally, I was able to get Mandrake 9.2 installed again, and it works with my touch pad. But now my USB mouse won’t work! Arggg! There are GOOD REASONS why I use Windows!

Mar 19, 2004

After a really intense week that ended in a Calc 2 exam, a Chem exam, and a Physics quiz. To top it off, I’ve found out that we are restructuring the code for the camera capture and processing for the UCF Robotics KnightVision system. Well, finals are comming up in 4-5 weeks, so it’ll be all over one way or another.

Mar 14, 2004

Well, after a wonderful relaxing spring break, it’s back to the salt mines…On the upside, I’ve made progress with the Linux port of Simply KoolB. Stay tuned…Thursday, Mar 4, 2004 Hurrah! I am so happy because I got an 80% on my Physics test. If I keep this up, I might pass the class with an acceptable grade. To celebrate, I coded on my robotics project until 1 AM in the morning.

Mar 3, 2004

Thanks all who have reported bugs or commented on the beta release of Simply KoolB. Based on some bug reports, I’ve fixed a bug that causes the IDE to go into an infinite loop when you try to run a BASIC file with errors in it. So grab the latest here.

Mar 2, 2004

OK, so yeah, today I downloaded my Simply KoolB package at school to test it out on a Win2K machine and I belatedly realized I had somehow forgotten to package the compiler in the zip file! So dumb! So I’ve updated it and fixed a minor bug in the IDE. Grab it on my Simply KoolB page.

Mar 1, 2004

Unfortunately, I don’t believe I did very well on my physics test. The good part is that I understood the questions and knew how to do most of it, which is an improvement from the last test. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do all the math and probably made lots of little silly mistakes. I’ll see exactly how bad the score is Wednesday or Friday.