August, 2004

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August 29, 2004

I survived my first week of classes! Hurrah! I’m taking Differential Equations, Engineering Analysis, Engineering Statics, Intro to Digital Circuits, and Electrical Networks. In addition, I’m auditing Expert Systems Knolwedge Engineering. Today I worked more on vision stuff for the new robot.

August 26, 2004

So tired…my 7:30 AM class is pretty early. The only reason I took it was because the professor was supposed to be really good. But unfortunately, they swapped professors on me! Arg! Would post more, but zzzz…..

August 22, 2004

Long time, no news. I survived hurricane Charley (I evacuated from the middle of the state to the coast – which just seemed wrong!). I bought all my books to start a new semester tomorrow. I upgraded my ceiling fan light from one 60 watt bulbs to four 60 watt bulbs – what a nightmare. I had to install it and take it a part 3 times before it worked – and all because I forgot to pull the little 2 inch chain. I kept flicking the light switch and wondering what was wrong. Robotics is going well, and I’m making some progress.

August 10, 2004

Up at 6:30 AM, packed by 7:30, gassing up at 8:00, on the road for 2 hours, at my new appartments at 9:30, unpacked by 11:30, a brief Chick-Fil-A lunch, at the ISL lab at 12:15 PM, working until 5:30 PM, on the road for another 2 hours home, home at 7:30, super, some programming a business time clocking system for my father, answering some emails, and now at 11:00 PM, I’m dead tired. Goodnight!

August 9, 2004

This past week I have had a fantastic time vacationing in North Carolina. I hiked probably 5 miles on the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway, shopped until I was ready to throttle my sister, ready 10 books (the stack probably comes up to my knee), constructed a new website for my grandfather (, ported Simply KoolB to RapidQ basic, and the morning I left the mountains, the temperature was 38 degrees Farhenheit. Totally awesome dude!