February, 2005

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February 7, 2005

Tonight’s cooking results was mixed. I had planned to make 3 meals: cheap frozen pizza, queche, and salmon fillets with vegetables and rice. The cheap pizza went as well as frozen pizza can go. When I went shopping for the queche, one of the ingredients was heavy whipping cream. I couldn’t seem to find it, so I though, well wouldn’t coolwhip count? Baaaadddd mistake. 2 cups of coolwhip mixed with eggs and cheese = absolutely disgusting. It smelled bad, tasted bad, it was truly nasty. That was a total flop. The salmon fillets however, whent like a charm. Some stir-fried vegetables and Uncle Ben’s rice heaped around the salmon was delicious. Unfortunately, I ruined the pan I cooked it in because when I tried to scrap off the baked fish skins, I scratched it and it rust. Oh well…

February 1, 2005

I ordered some more RAM (512 MB stick @ $80) for my laptop this weekend and am amazed that I can track it’s progress across the US via FedEx’s website. I’ve recently started to swap over from Visual C++ 6 to Visual C++ 2005 Express Beta and let me tell you, it sure is sweet. Although it takes up 15 times the RAM, it sure has a lot of nice features. Back/Forward buttons, awesome intellisense, debug break when value is modified, more optimization settings, line numbers (!!!), function folding, and list goes on. Of course, it’s not completely perfect. It whines about depreciated functions all the time and generates massive amounts of warnings (some of which are helpful, but most not). And did I mention it takes up like 60 MB of memory too? Good thing my RAM is on the way 😉 Visual Studio 2005 Express Beta is free from Microsoft (for now anyhow) so you can try it out if you want.