March, 2005

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March 25, 2005

Wow, you’d think I just went on permanent spring break, huh? Well, I sure thought about it. The first Sunday I was home, I pulled out my hammock, got me some snacks, drinks, a good book, and man I was in heaven. It was a breezy sunny cool Florida day and I just relaxed and had a ball. The week was good, I honestly tried to be productive, but wasn’t terribly successful. I did some Dynamics and Semiconductor work (not much), helped my grandparents clean their house, did some work on the barn (again not much), and did some programming & commenting. But mostly I relaxed and read and stuff. Very nice, I tell you. Alas, all things had to end, and here I am back and school with an exam staring me in the face on Monday and I am nowhere near prepared. Oh well, such is life…

March 12, 2005

Halelujah! Spring Break has arrived! Need I say more?