June, 2005

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June 9, 2005

Haven’t been updating my site very much lately, but I have a good reason. All of us at UCF Robotics have been cramming like mad to get our robot ready. Tuesday Tim & Daniel left for Michigan via a van, taking with them our two robots. The rest of us fly out today to join up with them. Then we spend a few days training and getting ready, and then Monday we compete. We fly home that night, and then I leave for my study abroad in France Wednesday. So I just realized that in the span of 7 days, I’m going to be on 6 different airplanes, and knowing how competition normally goes, with very very little sleep. It’ll be fun! 😉

Oh, and over to the left is the robot I’ve been working on (not by myself, of course!). It is named Calculon (after some Futurama show or something of the sort). Apparently the verb Calcular in Spanish means to calculate, but in slang, Calculo means something along the lines of “big but” (I’m putting it nicely). We were told that by some Spanish speaking people. But this is America! We speak English (well sort of, maybe it’s Americanise). Anyhow, we hope our “big but” robot will do well. We’d be very happy if we got top 10 in all 3 sub-competitions (autonomous, navigation, and design). Wish us luck!