October 28th, 2007

I have pretty much settled into “da Pitts” and CMU. It’s getting cold though. This poor Florida boy is not liking the cold sweeps of air moving down out of Canada. Tomorrow it is supposed to potentially freeze and go into the high 20s. Brrr! In Central Florida, it only freezes a few times a year max. And going into the 20s is very rare. Oh well…I tried to buy some hypnosis balls and swing them in front of my eyes and use self-hypnosis to convince myself that I liked cold weather, but it’s not working so far. Actually I didn’t buy hypnosis balls and try that, but somehow I doubt it would work. But if it gets cold enough, I might just give the crazy idea a try. So I mentioned earlier that I might try making my own CMS using the Google Web Toolkit. This is the first news item that uses the new half-baked CMS I’ve made with it. I really like how it is turning out. There are some frustrating things with the Google Web Toolkit (GWT), especially with sizing and stilly tree items, but overally, it is a nice package. Sure beats doing it through straight Javascript. I really don’t have that much yet (a few hundred lines of code in Java and PHP), but I have it so it loads in my existing page/file structure in a tree that I can browse. I can double click and open up pages that load in tabbed text area boxes. Since this site is done in txt2tags, a simple text area does fine. I could do it in HTML as well by using the RichText control. There is a lot that is still ghetto (not counting the fact I don’t have creating pages or editing templates or anything) and hardcoded, but I’m proud of it so far. Of course, it’ll probably crash when I try to save this page, but… Anyhow, when I slack and make time to work on this, I’ll update it some more. I’m hoping to make it a bit more generic and release it as a very simple CMS (yes I know there is a CMS with basically that same name). Well it’s late so time for bed. Gotta get up in 4 hours and I still haven’t showered tonight. Sigh…This is going to be a very bad week for me.

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