January 18th, 2009

Well! A new year already. This break I was working on organizing my media collection. I’ve been playing around with minishowcase, which is a very nice little AJAX web gallery. I was looking for something pretty much like Picasa, and this is the closest I’ve found. Light, easy to install, well coded, it is quite nice. I’ve always thought gallery2 and coppermine were utterly useless when it comes to gallery managment. minishowcase doesn’t have all the admin features, but the UI is sweet! Just throw all your photos in a folder and bam, you have a nice interface to select galleries, and move between photos (with keyboard, just hit right/left arrow keys) without reloading the page (I’m looking at YOU Flickr! Grrr….). I also tried out ampache, which seems pretty nice as well. I think I’ll upload my photo and music collections to this website (after all I do have like 150GB)…

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