June, 2011

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You know, stuff

Well here I am waiting at 3 am in the morning for a run to finish. So I figured I could write a post on my blog since it has been a while since I’ve updated this site. I could go to bed, but then I’d be wasting 6 hours of CPU time while I sleep. Methinks perhaps my priorities might not be too good. Oh the life of a grad student. What else mundane trivia can I add to the eye glazing, mind numbing tediousness that is the Internet? Let’s see, I bought a $17 spinache calzone the other day. The thing is huge; it’s gotta be a large pizza crust that they just rolled over to make into a calzone. It was pretty tasty and so far I’ve gotten 2 meals off of it with hopefully a third to come.

Is my run done? Bah, still 300 MB left to process….sigh…Oh I sprained my ankle playing racquetball, that was quite the ordeal. I went to CMU health services who gave me crutches and sent me to the hospital to get it x-rayed. Luckily it wasn’t broken, but in the day I spent using crutches I gained a lot more appreciation for people who have to use them. Dude those things are so much harder to use than they look. With the whole right foot being rather incapacitated, I’ve been driving left-footed. It takes a bit of getting used to for the first couple of days but then it’s almost natural. A couple times I had to think which foot I was using.

Ahaha, my run is done, starting a new one and off to bed!