Sick, cold, bleck

Well I got a cold with the stuffed up nose, sore throat, and whole enchilada. It’s like it’s winter or something. Oh wait! It is winter. What was my first clue? Maybe the fact it is 7 F outside and there is this blindingly white stuff everywhere. On the plus side, this has made it much easier to prevent my phone from overheating. And yes, when acting as a 3G wifi hotspot and charging the battery, my phone will overheat and do an odd LED blinky dance of death, refusing the charge and generally acting really really slowly. That’s when I put it outside between the window and the screen in the nice Pittsburgh winter weather for a while to cool off. It works really well actually.

Anyhow, this has messed with my sleep schedule massively. I was in bed by 11 pm last night, but after an hour of not being able to sleep, I cracked open my laptop and figured I’d do work until sleep overwhelmed me. Alas that didn’t happen until 6 am so now things are all wonky. Maybe I’ll just invert my schedule. If I wake up at 4 pm, I can just drive my car to campus instead of having to take the bus. How handy would that be? Of course, finding food in the middle of the night in Pittsburgh can be a bit tough.

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